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Specifications of Sonopower

Weight: 4.5 kg

Size: 35’ x 25’x12’

Brand: LHC

Model: Sonopower-001

Separate transducers for 1 and 3 MHZ

water proof applicators 

Good size

SMPS power supply

LCD display

Ultrasound frequency: 1MHZ/3MHZ

Output mode: continuous/pulsed

Output power: 15 watts in continuous mode/21 watts in pulsed mode.

Output meter: LCD

Intensity: MAX 3.1 w/cm²

Safety standard: IEC 60-1

Classification: class 1 type B-F

Patient safety: output is 100% isolated

Digital treatment time: 1-99 min pre settable (can be set between 1-99 min optional)

Puled: 1:2, 1:4, 1:8 & 1: 16

Patient and transducer: while switching on the apparatus, if the intensity control is not in

minimum position, the patient safety circuit will not allow to start the equipment and hence

no output will be received and show “check intensity “on LCD


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